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LOTR: Gollum Is Another Broken Mess!

Once again gamers are being treated like idiots and have been handed an apology from the developers of LOTR: Gollum for its awful launch.

LOTR: Gollum

This is beyond a joke at this point, LOTR: Gollum was released recently with NVIDIA regularly boasting about its DLSS and RTX capabilities when in reality they should’ve left it in the bin as the graphics rival that of a PS1 game. The UI utilises a very bad calibri-like font, Gollum himself looks dreadful and it wouldn’t be a 2023 release if it didn’t run like a one-legged spider being chased by a hammered dog. Several reports, like many other 2023 releases, are claiming high VRAM usage and stuttering which backs up everyone’s complaints about the 8GB VRAM on the 4060 Ti.

Another Apology Letter

Following this release, the developers have released the apology letter to add to the massive collection of apology letters. You can read it in the tweet above but it doesn’t contain anything more than any of the other apology letters we’ve received and is mostly just “we’re sorry that simply releasing a game that functions and isn’t a disaster is completely beyond our capabilities as a company.” Of course, I understand that most of the issues surrounding these games are the muppets at the top who have no idea what they’re doing and are forcing the developers to work to ridiculous deadlines to churn out poor products. I also understand that we shouldn’t stand for this and change has to come very soon for the games industry because if I have to read another one of these apologies and I’m going to go insane.

Jakob Aylesbury

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