Lucid demonstrate Thunderbolt external graphics solution

/ 5 years ago

When we first brought you our guide to external graphics on notebooks back in January of this year we said that Thunderbolt would change everything. Now that has started to happen.

Today, Lucid –  the company who makes Lucid Logix Virtu and MVP, has demonstrated their Thunderbolt based external graphics solution.

When your Thunderbolt capable notebook or ultrabook isn’t being used on-the-go you can connect it up to a graphics card docking station that supports Thunderbolt connectivity. With Lucid’s new software installed, the Integrated Intel graphics work with a discrete GPU to generate images on the notebook display. Most of the intensive rendering and 3D workload is done by the discrete GPU and the data is transferred back and forth using the 10gbps Thunderbolt connection.

Currently, Lucid’s external Thunderbolt graphics card docking stations are still in development and no release date has been announced. But for those with a Thunderbolt enabled notebook of some variation you look set to be able to bring discrete class gaming to your screens.

The demonstration used a HD 6700 series GPU with a mini-ITX LGA 1155 motherboard, but you could easily swap our the motherboard for a notebook as long as it has that crucial Thunderbolt connection.



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