Mac Steam Hardware Pre-Orders Get Free Library of Games!

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Have you got a Mac? Did you pre-order the new steam link or controller? Then you will be well aware of the incompatibility issues. It appears that there is no need to worry as apparently Valve is sending out apology emails with a huge bonus attached.

Steam Link, which connects a television to a PC or Mac at the moment cannot stream from Macs and at present the Steam Controller doesn’t support gamepad emulation on Mac systems. In an email that has been posted on Imgur Valve stated  “Valve is doing everything we can to resolve the issues,” but didn’t say when it expected support to come online.

Although inconvenient, there is a brighter side of that email, Valve went on to not only apologize but to also reward those users The Valve Complete Pack, which retails for £75.99. That pack includes all Valve-made games, including ones that don’t yet exist.

But wait there is more, in the email posted on Imgur it also stated users may also request refunds for their Steam Controller and/or Steam Link while still keeping the Valve Complete pack. The return period has been extended from 30 to 60 days from the date the user receives the hardware.

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If  the email is legitimate, All Hail Lord GabenThis is where I usually ask a question to round things off, but let us first take a moment of silence in praise of Lord Gaben… No but really, has anyone else who purchased one of these products received this email yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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