Machines are in Control and are Making Kids Stupid Says Wozniak

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak has moved on from scaremongering about the evils of artificial intelligence, claiming now that machines are too important in our lives and that computers are making our kids stupid. During a speech at the Springfield Public Forum, Woz pontificated on the role that technology plays in the modern life of humans, saying that we are beholden to machines, that they control our lives, and he’s as guilty as anyone in facilitating that.

“The machines won 200 years ago. We made them too important,” said Wozniak. “That makes us the family pet.”

“I love technology, to try it out myself,” he added. “I’ve got at least 5 iPhones […] I have some Android phones.” I suppose anyone who owns around a dozen smartphones has probably made technology too important, but I don’t think many of us have that particular problem.

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On the subject of education, Wozniak lamented overstuffed classrooms and placing technology above creativity, saying, “Creativity is the most important thing we have. A lot of our schools slow students down. We put computers in schools and the kids don’t come out thinking any better.”

Though Wozniak made some cogent, potentially worrying points, he went on to admit that he’s excited by the prospect of driverless cars, suggesting that he’s quite happy to be a “pet” to the machines.

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2 Responses to “Machines are in Control and are Making Kids Stupid Says Wozniak”
  1. Matthew Pierson says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily blame technology for this. I would think that has to do with teachers thinking they can just rely on technology and software to push their curriculum and they are doing less to encourage creative thinking and creative problem solving.

  2. Malcom Minks says:

    Interesting that he’s flipped on his original position.
    With technology there is also responsibility. Learning about the technology and what it’s ultimate usefulness is for. Responsible use of technology is left behind and when kids are left to their own devices… Lots of things happen.

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