MAD CATZ Announced the R.A.T. PROX Gaming Mouse

/ 3 years ago

Mad Catz RAT PROX 3

Mad Catz announced the R.A.T. PRO X mouse, the next generation of the company’s popular R.A.T. gaming mouse series. The new mouse is built with a magnesium alloy chassis to reduce weight and enhance strength, and the scroll wheel system has been completely reinvented.

“We continue to be proud of all we achieved when we launched the R.A.T. range of gaming mice, a series of products which won critical acclaim, numerous awards and introduced several innovations for the passionate gamer. We believe the R.A.T. PROX will take PC gaming to a new level thanks to several patented innovations which we believe will change the way gamers’ think about customization,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. “PC gaming is a sizable part of our business and one which we intend to grow considerably throughout 2015. We believe the R.A.T. PROX will prove essential to those who game at a committed level and expect the product to contribute positively towards sales in 2015.”

Mad Catz RAT PROX 2


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The mouse is designed to offer a future proof upgradable solution by incorporating a Modular Sensor Units (MSU). This allows gamers to swap out the sensor of their mouse to suit either individual needs or upgrade with new and better sensors once they become available.

The new scroll wheel system allows gamers to adjust the click force of the wheel, swap it out, or utilize the new analogue strafe feature that offers configurable analog control for the horizontal movement on the scroll wheel – that’s pretty cool and something that’s been missing in my opinion.

Mad Catz RAT PROX 1The new Mad Catz RAT X is expected to ship spring 2015, no word on pricing yet.

Thanks to Mad Catz for providing us with this information

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4 Responses to “MAD CATZ Announced the R.A.T. PROX Gaming Mouse”
  1. Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    Not gonna lie, getting a little hot under the collar even just looking at this beastie.

  2. Ganji says:

    I wonder if they’ve fixed the issue with the thumb buttons giving up after a short while. My RAT 3-5 and MMO7 all failed in the same way.

  3. mr2k9 says:

    once again they top my best looking mouse ever…

  4. Refinement says:

    So incredibly ugly. I feel bad for the people who are going to purchase this mouse.

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