MadCatz Official Xbox 360 Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review

/ 5 years ago

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Racing games are big business for games developers, with companies like Turn10, Codemasters, Polyphony Digital and many more always trying to out do each other with their latest racing simulations or even just hardcore arcade racers, but for the most part the simulation experience ends at the control pad and we can’t all head down to our local race track or jump in our sports car, this is where MadCatz come in, with their brand new Xbox 360 racing wheel, which is the replacement for the Official Microsoft Racing Wheel, which has now been discontinued.

MadCatz have been around since 1989, albeit they weren’t call MadCatz at that time, they have a long history of making gaming peripherals for consoles and PC gaming, with several brand names under their banner such as Saitek, Trittion and Eclipse, so they have a long reputation to uphold here and when their latest effort is a £180 steering wheel setup, which brings it into the price range of its PlayStation 3 rival the Logitech Driving Force GT, so customers are going to expect a premium product for a premium price.

The original Official Xbox 360 racing wheel was a big hit with racing fans, scoring plenty of great reviews over its lifetime and had been around a lot of years, but availability made it more like a mythical unicorn than a steering wheel, if you saw one no one would have believed you, so lets hope that MadCatz can resolve this problem and keep producing the new one for us racing fans, keep reading the next few pages to find out just how this performs.

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3 Responses to “MadCatz Official Xbox 360 Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review”
  1. Finukey says:

    mine broke it starts clicking when i turn right… how do fix it

  2. Mansky81 says:

    Good review.
    does it support dirt showdown, 3 and Driver SF?
    and can u list some games that supports this steering wheel?
    or E-mail me: [email protected]
    Thanks! 😀

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