How It’s Made Video Shows How 3D Printers Are Born

/ 2 years ago

3d printer birth

If you ever wondered how 3D printers are made, then you need no more. The answer is surprisingly simple as most parts are printed by other 3D printers.

The Science channel visited a 3D printer manufacturer to take a look at how they create them, and the surprising thing is that they just print them. Okay, there are some things such as the electronics, the aluminium frame, and the glass that can’t be printed and they also have to be assembled, but it’s still pretty close to calling it self-replication.

About 40 of the components used in the LulzBot line of 3D printers featured in the video are 3D printed. They use their own 3D printers to produce their own machines more than any other manufacturer. In fact, they have just 3D printed their 500,000th part a representative told Motherboard in an email.

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I’ve always loved watching those ‘how it is made’ videos ever since I was a little kid, it is fascinating to see how the things we use each day actually come into existence. The video below gives in inside view into the manufacturing process of the LulzBot TAZ, which is manufactured by Aleph Objects, Inc.

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