Magic Leap Demo is Awe Inspiring

/ 3 years ago


When Google invested a whopping $542 million into the augmented reality start-up Magic Leap, people were wondering what the results would be like. Well, now we know, after they just dropped this amazing demo reel!

We get to see a glimpse of the full feature set of functions are, ranging from accessing websites and desktop apps with virtual icons, to a full on first person shooter aided by physical controllers, using where-ever you are as the level. I wonder how many offices will let that actually fly?

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Rony Abovitz, CE of Magic Leap, told Reddit AMA last year “You can think of us as techno-biology. We believe it is the future of computing.”

The only remaining questions are, how soon can we get it, and just how much will it cost?

Source: Engadget

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4 Responses to “Magic Leap Demo is Awe Inspiring”
  1. Gank says:

    This is the nuts, yes please love the idea of the first person shooter in the ultimate form

  2. DABhand says:

    This is no demo…. it is just a Computer generated video on what it may be like. Wish people wouldn’t throw the words demo around so willy nilly.

  3. Scion says:

    “Magic Leap Demo” but the player’s hands fly back from the kickback of a virtual gun! Yeah, this is just as believable as the Hololen’s “demo” or the PowerGlove.

    I remain unconvinced until I actually try it out for myself in a store.

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