Magic Leap One Creator Edition Has Only Sold 6,000 Units

Around 6-months ago, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition augmented reality headset finally went on sale. Selling for around £2300, it was clearly pretty expensive. It did, however, offer some very impressive features in what was (at least potentially) one of the most exciting AR headsets around.

So, what were the general thoughts about it? Well, while it was being received generally well, some of the views were less than enthusiastic about it. ‘Promising much and delivering little’ was the general consensus.

Well, in a report via Engadget, it appears that the lack of enthusiasm on launch for the Magic Leap has almost certainly translated into sales. How much? Well, to date only 6,000 units have been sold.

Magic Leap One is Selling Poorly

There is a level of understanding necessary to really appreciate just how bad 6,000 sales are for this product. To put things into some context, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz initially talked about sales of around 1 million within the first year. A figure he was strongly urged (and he eventually conceded) to drop to 100,000.

With just 6,000 sold, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition is clearly not doing well at all. Perhaps more concerning though, it may be having an impact on the sustainability of the company.

Is Magic Leap Set to Crash?

Although Magic Leap has dismissed such claims, it is believed that the company is currently undergoing a significant ‘tightening of the belt’. This has reportedly already led to ‘dozens’ of staff being sacked and freezing travel (and the costs that go with it) for certain departments.

One thing, however, is abundantly clear. Despite burning through around $50m throughout 2018, the 6,000 unit sales (roughly equalling $20m) is a drop in the ocean to the financial problems Magic Leap is undoubtedly facing.

While it is still entirely possible that they may meet their targets, selling 994,000 units in 6 months doesn’t seem likely to us. The short version is, if something doesn’t change, they’re probably set to be sold within the next year. Well, either that or go bust.

What do you think? Do you own a Magic Leap One? Do you think the company is set to go bust? In addition, do you think that AR is a better market than VR? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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