Major Representative Company Defends Kodi Saying ‘Blame the Infringers’

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Kodi – A somewhat contentious subject

We at eTeknix have found one thing to be certain. Kodi is a contentious subject. People, generally speaking, are either in two camps when it comes to the media player. It either enables mass piracy or it is misused for piracy and simply put, even us here at eTeknix are divided on this subject.

Personally, I fall into the former camp. I think that while Kodi may have a genuine and legitimate purpose as a media player, there are frankly, better and also free media players out there. That amount of downloads that Kodi receives does not tally to the ‘entirely legitimate’ gloss its defenders would attempt to give it. I do, however, agree that Kodi, in itself is a legitimate legal program, however, does enable piracy on a massive scale.

It was thought that the now temporary shutdown of a major repository might have affected matters. That, however, was quickly overcome. Within two weeks

A major company has however come to the defence of Kodi telling its critics, blame those who ‘infringe’ the law. A point which many will consider entirely fair. Even to a critic such as myself.


‘Blame the infringers’

In a report via the Independent, the Computer & Communications Industry Association has said that critics of the media player should blame and pursue those who use it illegally rather than the software itself.

While this in itself may not seen to remarkable, it should be noted that the CCIA does represent some major organisations including Netflix, Facebook and Amazon and are therefore, clearly, an informed opinion.

Defenders say to blame the repository providers or the illegal users.  I personally think the media player shares in the blame for enabling it to happen. This is an unpopular opinion, but I think, if we’re all honest with ourselves here, it is the truth. Kodi is an inadvertent drug mule.

What do you think? Do you use Kodi? Is the media player an innocent party? What is the solution to the problem? – Let us know in the comments!

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12 Responses to “Major Representative Company Defends Kodi Saying ‘Blame the Infringers’”
  1. Matt says:

    I have used Kodi before as a media player. I haven’t been arsed with IPTV on it at all. Not interested in commercial TV at all in the absolute slightest.

    I played all media from my own internal server on numerous TVs in the house. Now I used Plex which is better and more convenient.

    But I have to ask, how many legitimate Kodi users are out there that actually play legitimately owned media?

    I’d wager that at least 98% of Kodi users are playing pirated content, remotely or locally. That’s nothing to do with Kodi or the devs easier.

  2. Connor says:

    Every browser and search engine are equally drug mules by the authors logic, you could even say Windows is by the same very faulty logic.

  3. Stevles says:

    Oh please inform me as to which “better and free” media players you speak of?
    Which other media player can be installed as an entire operating system, giving life to old laptops as brand new fully functional HTPC’s?
    The only thing that comes close is Plex, but even that requires an extremely expensive NAS or a power hogging server pc running all day plus a subscription fee.
    RPi 3 with OSMC and a cheap power efficient NAS is cheap to buy, cheap to run and is a complete home theatre experience.

  4. Henry says:

    I use Kodi legally. It is one of the best media handlers out there. None of this is Kodi’s problem. It’s the third party add ons who are guilty.

  5. CJ says:

    Screw these idiots corporations for thinking that their films are failing because of piracy. They are failing because people are fed up with this Liberal PC garbage where they are making men into women and women into men. Fake Feminism plagues Hollywood. Thinking boys should look up to women. The majority of your audience are Trump supporters & Hollywood needs to keep Politics out of their agenda. Hollywood has made me hate movies. So sick of the Ass kicking female garbage. Guy flicks are almost non existent. But yet chick flicks are still around. Get your facts right. Kodi isn’t to blame. Blame yourself for this Liberal self righteous PC B.S.

  6. John Doe says:

    With that comment that because Kodi has enabled this to happen. They should be blamed. Then if that is the case should we not blame gun makers and makers of gun powder for murder and hold them accountable. Should we not also blame drug companies and doctors who make drugs with side effect?

  7. Jorge says:

    Improve cable service by offering a fair service without forcing people to pay crap channels and for sure legalality will overimposed to any piracy alternative. People did not start prices because the great majority like free stuff. Piracy was born thanks to incredible and abusive price for services. For instance, before cds and dvd 20-28 dollars, noe can be around 150-250 dollars per month that is outrageous.

  8. Mike smith says:

    There is nothing Kodi does that can’t be done without Kodi, any pirated material found through Kodi can be found on the web very easily so blame the internet. The only solution to stop pirated material from being available to anyone willing to watch it is to make it easier to watch legally. The way streaming music services have essentially made pirating music a thing of the past.

  9. Ron says:

    Kodi or not Kodi people still be looking for ways to watch tv…sports….movies without been take to the cleaners by big coorporations …f…them all!

  10. Kelly says:

    Ok so if we go after kodi for supplying the way for criminal activity to occur then you also need to go after the gun makers and people who make cars because all three are innocent items until someone finds away to do something illegal with the item.

  11. Donald trump says:

    it’s like drugs,if you make it legal the Criminals won’t make money off kodi, it’s a no brainer

  12. SnyderCountry says:

    A Ford car is used as a get-away car in a bank robbery. Scold the bank robbers. Arrest that car. Outlaw all Ford cars!

    This is not that complicated. Just like Ford cars, Kodi is legal. Got a few speeders? The cops should write tickets to the speeders. Not to Ford or Kodi.

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