Make Your laptop Screen 3x Bigger With Sliden’Joy

/ 2 years ago

1erLaptops are fantastic for being portable; the ability to carry a powerful piece of tech in your hands anywhere you go has been revolutionary within today’s high-speed world. But, laptops do have a drawback and I am not talking about the Duracell batteries in the back which run out in a few hours, but rather the screen size. This might be about to change with the completion of a Kickstarter which aims to triple a notebooks screen size without adding a vast amount of weight,

Belgian Start up Sliden’Joy has unveiled a bundle of joy in the form of a design which aims to clip two extra screens to your additional laptop. There are 3 sizes which fit 13, 15 and 17 inch laptops as well as two models, an illustration of the product is below, as you can see, it’s pretty nifty and could potentially be aimed at a myriad of consumers.


The Sliden’Joy screens will magnetically attach to the back of your laptop and can be slid out whenever you wish to view your workstation more clearly, the screens will also connect to your laptop via either one USB 3.0 port or two USB 2.0 ports. The makers also promise to allow customization of the product which includes textures and colours. The product is also full HD with prices ranging from 199 Euros (£138.13) to 299 Euros (£207.54) is it quite expensive? Possibly, but if it’s as well made as the makers claim it to be, then it will market well to consumers.

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As of writing, the manufactures have raised enough cash, which gives the ability for the start-up to bring their Sliden’Joy to the market within a few months. Just think, next time you’re stuck on a train, the stranger sitting next to you could be rocking their very own Cinema.

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