MakerBot Prepare To Launch Desktop 3D Scanner

/ 4 years ago


3D printing is already the next-big thing in the tech world, there are new models being released more often, there are new innovations every week and there are more investors throwing money at the darn things that I dare to count. One thing is for certain, 3D printing has a bright future.

Yet with all the talk of printing in 3D, what about scanning in 3D? How do I clone objects for example? Well MakerBot have the solution with their soon to be launched Digitizer Desktop 3D scanner. The scanner will be heading to UK retailer Dynamism for the eye watering price of £1,190.

The scanner will scan an object in 3D and create a file that can be read by a 3D printer, allowing you to make copies or even just digitise objects for editing on your computer. So long at the object fits within 20cm3 you just let the Digitizer spin it around on a turntable while it scans using two lasers and a camera, cool!

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Of course things get really expensive when you add in the cost of a MarkerBot 3D printer, which can set you back around £1500 – £2000, so until prices come down, you may need to start saving up.

Thank you PocketLint for providing us with this information.

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