Man, the Bow and Arrow in Battlefield 4 is Effing Powerful

/ 3 years ago


Which gun is the most powerful in Battlefield 4? None; it’s the bow and arrow.

The Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 is damn powerful, as the video below shows off. Kotaku reported the news from Reddit, with some awesome editing, music and so many ‘splosions. Makes me want to install Battlefield 4 again!

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Source: Kotaku.

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  • Jeff Ward

    If this is actually in the game.. how do you get it?

    • vavyn

      The new phantom program

    • S1lv3r

      It is in the game. It’s unlocked by entering a secret room, entering a secret code.

      Check that video, and you can see it.
      Tho as of now, no one knows the code.