Man Builds James Bond Inspired Laser Watch

/ 3 years ago


A German man has built a James Bond-style laser watch.

Patrick Priebe of says he received a great number of requests from YouTube viewers asking him to build a watch inspired by Bond’s watch in Never Say Never Again.

Although he’s managed to build the watch, he says that it probably won’t be cutting through metal anytime soon – it can only light matches and pop balloons. It does tell the time, but regular use of the laser isn’t going to make its time keeping function very useful, as the battery doesn’t last long.

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Priebe, who has also built devices like those seen in Spider-Man and X-Men, says he may well sell the device, that’s if it’s legal.

Source: The Independent

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2 Responses to “Man Builds James Bond Inspired Laser Watch”
  1. Wayne says:

    It’s far more functional and desirable than any smartwatch on the market and better looking than a lot of them.

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