Coolermaster forum’s member builds the most Impressive PC Case/Desk Hybrid system

/ 5 years ago

This guy has taken the meaning of an ideal workspace to new heights. A user on the Coolermaster forums called “Paslis” has built built one very impressive desk/PC Case system.


Paslis has named this system ‘Next Level’. The system and dual monitors have all been integrated and fabricated into the desk iteslf. After getting it modelled via 3D Rendering, he worked on a frame from scratch. Other than the components, its mostly custom shaped wood and metal fittings. What makes it stand out is the craftsmanship, time, dedication and loads of patience.



The PC components are installed inside the desk and covered the top with glass. The system uses a custom watercooling loop that deserves to be looked at as a work of art by any PC enthusiast.


The entire worklog and photos can be found here.

Via: Hackaday

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