Man Claims to be First in US to Catch ‘Em All

When it comes to Pokemon GO everyone wants to take part in the event and catch ’em all. The latest revelation comes from Reddit as a player states that he was the first to catch all of the currently available Pokemon within the US.

Nick Johnson made the announcement on Thursday on Reddit stating that he had caught all of the 142 currently available Pokemon available in the game and within the United States. With a total of 4,629 Pokemon caught in total, he could potentially be a Pokemon master with 303 eggs hatched and a player rating of just level 31.

According to Johnson, he didn’t even have to go far for it, “I went to Jersey for some Dratini hunting. Also caught a Porygon there. [The] rest were Manhattan and Brooklyn”. Johnson was a little critical regarding the games use in rural areas saying that “When I went to a rural area for weekend Pokemon were incredibly hard to find until I got to a hotspot in one town. It’s a shame the game doesn’t work there as it would be so much fun to actually be able to explore outside the city with this game”.

If the game has done anything (other than earn him a title coveted by thousands) it would be that its improved his health with a distance walked around eight miles extra a day. In total he estimates he’s lost around eight pounds and found that “for me Pokemon go made it fun to exercise in a way the gym does not.”

With Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan and Farfetch’d only available in Europe, Johnson is now looking for people to sponsor a trip to the EU in the hopes of completing his competition.

Gareth Andrews

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