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Man Finds Sealed NES Classic in His Attic and Sells it for $9,000

I have a lot of old retro gaming stuff in my attic. I do, however, suspect that very little of it would be worth any substantial amount. If you do, however, perhaps have a NES console up there, then it might be worth checking out. Specifically, what games you have and what kind of condition they are in.

Why? Well, in a report via TechSpot, a man from America has found a boxed and sealed copy of the NES classic Kid Icarus. Better still, he has just been able to sell it for an eye-watering $9,000. A tidy investment return on the $38 it was originally purchased for!

NES Classic Kid Icarus Sells For $9,000

Now, as you might expect while a boxes copy of Kid Icarus is something of a mild oddity, having one that still contains the factory seal is very rare. In fact, it has been estimated that there are less than 10 copies of this game in a similar condition.

So, how did this remain unopened? Well, the family theory is that it was bought as a Christmas present that, as parents will hide them, got lost and forgotten.

Heritage Auctions, the company who sold the game has said: ” ‘Kid Icarus’ is one of those really iconic titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Finding a sealed copy in the wild is very difficult. It’s nigh to impossible because there’s less than 10 known sealed that are in the hands of collectors currently, and we don’t suspect that there are very many if any, [more] that are still sealed.”

What Do We Think?

Having consulted with my parents, sadly they do not believe that any NES games were accidentally lost amongst the Christmas wrapping. It does, however, clearly show that maybe a bit of an attic clear out is in order.

Who knows, you might find a NES gaming classic that can pocket you a tidy $9,000!

What do you think? Are you surprised it sold for this much? What’s the most valuable piece of gaming history you own? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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