Man Maps Home Wi-Fi Signal in 3D

/ 3 years ago

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YouTuber CNLohr has developed a low-tech device for creating a 3D map of a Wi-Fi network signal, and has posted the firmware and software he used to GitHub.

CNLohr used a battery-powered ESP8266 chip that he moved around his house to track his Wi-Fi signal strength. The Device has an LED attached that changes colour depending on the quality of the signal. All the data collected was then used to create a 3D model, showing all the hotspots and blackspots around his home.

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If you would like to create your own, visit the YouTube video page for instructions and GitHub links.

Source: Engadget

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One Response to “Man Maps Home Wi-Fi Signal in 3D”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    Hook it up to a small quadcopter, add a few sensors so it detects if there are any obstacles nearby and you could map out rooms and stuff.

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