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Husband Sells PS5 After Wife Finds It’s Not An Air Purifier

There have been more than a few instances in the past where I have attempted to justify my tech purchases to the wife by firstly overstating to her just how amazingly better they’re going to make our lives, and, secondly, occasionally understating exactly how much they cost. As far as she’s concerned, my purchase of an Nvidia 1080 Ti last year was purely to enhance and improve my working experience! And long may that continue unless she reads this (if so, I love you!).

So, yes, significant others, parents, siblings, whoever, I think this is something we’re probably all guilty of and, most of the time, we can largely get away with our somewhat tepid excuses as long as we’re dealing with someone who is a little naive about the subject.

Following a report via LadBible, however, it seems that one Taiwanese man was not so lucky as, after his wife discovered that their new and shiny PS5 wasn’t actually an air purifier, she demanded that he sell it immediately!

PS5 For Sale (It’s Not an Air Purifier)

The story initially broke on Facebook from the now new owner of this particular PS5 and his encounter with the husband while making his ‘barely used’ console purchase. In it, he says that when he arrived at the house he expressed surprise to see a PlayStation 5 available to purchase so soon after they were released. When asking the husband why he was getting rid of it, he was told “It’s my wife who wants to sell it…”.

It since transpired that the husband in question tried to convince his wife that, rather than a gaming console, he had actually purchased an air purifier. A not entirely mad claim given the color scheme of the system, the overall aesthetic, and the fact that a fan is clearly running within it.

It’s Me or the PS5!

Apparently, after just a few days of the ‘misrepresentation’ apparently working, the wife (who clearly didn’t have much knowledge of technology) discovered that the PS5 was 100% not an air purifier, and presumably after finding out how expensive they were, demanded that her husband sell it immediately. The poster of the story did, however, end it with a cautionary note that if you too were to attempt to use this excuse to buy your new next-gen console, then it “Seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier.”

Maybe he should’ve instead bought an Xbox Series X under the guise of it actually being a mini-fridge! (I’M JOKING I’M JOKING!)

What do you think? What tech purchase did you make that you had to tell a few white lies about? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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