Man Spends Three Years Building a 45ft Processor in His House

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The trend for tech companies in recent years has been to design and manufacture wafer thin computing devices. From Apple’s impossibly slim MacBook Air to the ingenious Raspberry Pi device which reboots the notion of a PC into a credit card size.

But what happens if you buck the trend of slim systems and decide to build a PC which stands colossal in comparison, no problem right? Well a gentleman by the name of James Newman is currently building a 45ft processor in his lounge of his bungalow in Cambridge. By the time its complete this mega PC will contain an eye watering 14,000 individual transistors and 3,500 LED Lights.

The Processor, which is pictured below, has taken Mr Newman around 3 years to build with the cost so far being in excess of £20,000. There is also the question of storage once it’s finished as the potential weight of this machine would be at least half a tonne with at least another seven panels which will be fixed to the unit.

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An Individual who is dedicated to building this machine has to be admired, perhaps this will inspire the next generation to a love of tech, or the processor might even find its way into a museum for educational purposes. Considering this unit operates just the same as a standard chip-sized microprocessor found in all computers, it’s certainly an achievement, just don’t expect there to be much room left in his bungalow.

Image Courtesy of BBC

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5 Responses to “Man Spends Three Years Building a 45ft Processor in His House”
  1. DABhand says:

    I wonder what the speed of the whole processor is lol

  2. Alex Jr says:

    Can it run Tetris?

  3. random1uploada . says:

    I want to know all of it’s specifications!!

  4. Siddhant Dante says:

    it magnifie all small part of a micro-prosr… leads to->education purpose—->

  5. Kishin Ro says:

    give the answer to 100.000 x 100.000 please.

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