Man Starts Selling Email Addresses & Subdomains For $100

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Ok so this isn’t the NSA official, but has been under the ownership of 40 year odl IT consultant Chris Fisher since 1995. He took out the domain all those years ago for a bit of fun, it was cheap to setup and was a fun tool to use for services like IRC. Yet his fun doesn’t end there as he has finally found a way to cash in on his investment as he steps down from his day job for a while.

“it was a fun domain to irc [an Internet chat protocol] from for trash talking and bustups with rival hackers (yeah, LOL),”  said Chris when speaking recently with online magazine Mashable.

He says he has turned down many offers over the years to buy the domain, but refused to detail how much people were offering, the most notable one being the National Smokers Association. Yet right now, the NSA is a globally known house hold name thanks to the notoriety of Edward Snowden, you might have heard of him?

“Since I am taking a break from the consulting, I figured this would be a decent source of income while living in super cheap Oregon,” said Chris, where he also went on to discuss possible plans with WikiLeaks “We might do something together,” but was unable to give further details than “I personally feel it would be pretty hilarious to have dox [documents] coming out from the domain.”

Now comes the fun part, what email or subdomain would you purchase? [email protected] would do me nicely, but I don’t think I’m ready to part with $100 for it just yet.

“Why should I give you money?” asks the FAQ on the website “Because you are vain.”

Thank you Mashable for providing us with this information.


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  1. Mike Dixon says:

    I think “” would be appropriate.

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