Many Gamers Prefer A New Game To Having Sex, According To A Survey

/ 5 years ago
GTA V Topped The Survey List

GTA V Topped The Survey List

In a not-really-scientific-study conducted by of 1442 British people, they revealed some interesting results about gaming and sex. The study/survey spoke with 1442 British people with partners and asked them questions relating to the “trade-off” between gaming and sex. The survey results were quite amusing and as follows:

  • 49% would rather play a new video game than have sex with their partner
  • 32% would opt for sex with their partner instead of playing video games
  • 19% were undecided about picking between the two options because they say it depends on the game

So which new video games were the most popular for pulling people out of the bedroom? Well apparently GTA V was the best, with 71% of people choosing it over sex, FIFA 14 next with 67%, The Elder Scrolls Online with 55% and Splinter Cell Blacklist with 52%.

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What can we make of this study then? Well naturally the results should be taken lightly as we know very little about the sampling methods, the kind of people asked and how they were asked these questions. However, the results are still an interesting reflection on Gamers, the state of society and perhaps British people. The question is, would you pick a new game over sex? If you would, which game would you pick? I request in advance that any comments that people write are kept as “clean” as possible! Thanks.


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2 Responses to “Many Gamers Prefer A New Game To Having Sex, According To A Survey”
  1. d6bmg says:

    nerds… 😛

  2. Wayne says:

    Why can’t we opt for both?

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