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Mario Bros First Level Recreated in 10 Different Styles

Mario Bros Recreated in 10 Styles

There are few levels in gaming more iconic than World 1-1 of the NES Mario Bros game. In fact, the chances are that most of you reading this have probably played it (several times over) and if not… well I can’t help you at this point!

If you do, however, play the game regularly, the first world can be seen more as in inconvenient tutorial. One to skip as quickly as possible. It’s a level you know backwards, forwards, upside down and merely gets in the way of accessing the first warp zone.

To try and add a little variety, however, YouTube channel Big Breakfast Collective has released a video showing the first level redesigned in 10 different gaming styles.

Differing Styles

The video shows the first level going from a first person shooter, to an FMV style ‘decision making game’ and also touching on a more modern memes and even an ‘adventure game’ style approach.

My favourite, however, is probably the text adventure. I used to absolutely love games like that on my old Acorn Electron!

You Can Play it Yourself!

While you might at this point be thinking it was just a video project, this is legitimately a working ‘game’. As such, you can download it and try the differing styles of the game for yourself.

Don’t expect to be blown away, but at the same time for a bit of free, nostelgic entertainment, it’s surely got to be worth a try!

You can download the game file via the link here!

What do you think? Are you impressed with the project? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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