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Market Leaders Expect Microsoft Surface Production to End Within 2 years

Microsoft – A Theory of the last 10 years of business

Firstly, might I state that Microsoft is a company which shows no danger of going under. In fact, it shows very little reason or even struggling. That being said, the last 10 years for the company haven’t been a roaring success in terms of innovation.

This is simply my personal opinion, however, Microsoft reminds of the late dinner guest. While everyone else has eaten and through drink is socially comfortable, Microsoft barges through the door, apologises for being late and starts telling everyone what it’s been up to.

In brief, Microsoft in terms of mobile phones, music streaming and tablets has always been late to the party. This, when compared with Apple or Android products.

We only recently found details on the Surface Mini, which never even hit the market.

It turns out, however, that this is not just my opinion, Major market leaders in the tablet and laptop industry have predicted that Microsoft is going to give up on the Surface in less than 2 years.

Who thinks the Microsoft Surface will end and why?

Firstly, let’s get one of the major elephants out of the room. There have been significant question marks over their reliability. That admittedly is a combination of factors between product and manufacturing, but still, unreliability doesn’t help anyone in the technology industry. It wasn’t even just one model which had question marks either.

In a report via NextPowerUp, the CEO of Canalys and Lenovo COO have both said that they expect the Microsoft Surface production to end in 2019. Now I am not necessarily saying that their opinions are a death blow. They do, however, make a lot of sense.

Microsoft frankly is never going to achieve the tablet market share the Apple and Google so covetously has. Well, not unless those latter 2 companies voluntarily decide to withdraw from the market.

Therefore, Microsoft, as the last guest to the party, might either have to voluntarily leave early before it’s thrown out.

What do you think? Does the Microsoft Surface have a future? Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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