Martial Arts MMORPG Jade Dynasty Regenesis Expansion Now Available

/ 4 years ago


Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. has just announce that Jade Dynasty has launched its latest expansion, Regenesis. In this latest expansion two new classes are introduced: one with the power to summon mechanical allies and the other wielding the vicious power of a half-lion. In addition, this expansion introduces an updated graphics engine, a reworked starting experience, an all-new sprawling starting zone, and much more. Jade Dynasty Regenesis adds many new game features and updates to an already rich and engaging MMO experience.


“Regenesis is Jade Dynasty’s fifth expansion, and with fourteen classes now available, the game continues to grow,” said Matthew Pecot, Product Manager at Perfect World Entertainment. “We’re always striving to deliver the new and engaging content that our players love. Regenesis adds a ton of new features, including two new classes, a new race, and an improved guild system with upgradable alliance bases.”

For more information about Jade Dynasty Regenesis, and to begin playing now for free, please visit the official website.

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There are reports coming in that the new update has broken SunStream and caused a few graphical errors, but the developers have responded that they are already working on fixing the issue. So in retrospect, new update is great, but don’t download it just yet.

Thank you Jade Dynasty for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Jade Dynasty.

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