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Marvo Scorpion GK909 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

How Much Does it Cost?

When I started this review, I saw the MSRP was just £40, that’s pretty darn impressive if you ask me. However, when I went to find stock, I saw one at £35, then another store had it for £30, and would you believe, another had it for as little as £25! This isn’t your big box Amazon store keyboard though, it’s prime distribution is smaller PC businesses, and many brick and mortar stores, so please do check for local stock here.


Well, there we have it, one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards we’ve reviewed, and it’s honestly pretty good to use. It’s not without its flaws though, but I think that was to be expected. It’s a little lighter than I would like, and it does sound a little hollow when your typing making it subjectively a little noisier than most keyboards. It’s a little too shiny in places as the plastics don’t always have the most desirable finish. Finally, the fixed RGB lighting colours may put off some.


Issues aside though, keep in mind that you can grab one of these for just a tiny bit over £25. That’s CHEAP, that’s I don’t care if I smash it in a fit of gaming rage cheap. It’s like the second controller you give to your annoying sibling on LAN day. There’s always space for an affordable keyboard in the market, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget, or you just need a quick or even temporary replacement, at this price, the GK909 will get the job done.

Added Value

The Marvo Scorpion GK909 may not be perfect, but it does get the basics right. It has N-Key Rollover, it has a fully mechanical 104 switch design thanks to the Outemu switches. It has built-in multimedia controls, and it even has ten surprisingly usable lighting effects. At this price, that’s pretty hard to beat.

Marvo Scorpion GK909 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Peter Donnell

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