Mass Effect 2 and 3 DLCs Now Available Without Bioware Points

Up until now, if you wanted to buy DLCs for Mass Effect 2 and 3 via EA’s Origin is through the purchase of Bioware points. Basically you have to buy a special currency which can only be spent on Bioware products. It is the equivalent of a store requiring customers to buy a gift card before being able to shop. Obviously, not all the points get used up since the prices of each DLC and add-on vary. It is also quite a rip off considering the cost and the left over.

Now it seems that EA is finally offering these add-ons in a single, separate bundle which users can buy with real money directly. It is also much more economical. Especially, considering it is the equivalent of buying about 2000 BioWare points. All while getting 10X the worth in value. Factoring in the age of these games, the prices for these DLC packs are still substantial. However, its better than the previous and only other option. Note that Bioware points is different from Andromeda points. The latter is for purchasing extra content for Mass Effect Andromeda exclusively. There is also Origin points which is the EA system’s point system for achievements. Moreover, all these different currencies do not have interchangeable values.

Mass Effect 2 DLC Bundle

The Digital Deluxe edition already includes the add-on packs. However, these are just the cosmetic changes and the bonus Cerberus network content. It does not include the Expansion DLCs. Users can buy this bundle by following this link on the Origin store page:

Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle

Like with Mass Effect 2, the Digital Deluxe version of this game already includes the cosmetic packs. However, it does not include the single and multi-player expansion add-ons. Users can buy this bundle by following this link on the Origin store page.