Massive Price Drops On Windows 8 Devices Coming Soon Says Intel CEO

/ 5 years ago


Intel’s Chief Executive Office (CEO), Paul Otellini, has been revealing some potentially excellent news at Intel’s first quarter earnings call. Speaking about Intel’s upcoming new Atom processor release Otellini hinted that we could see huge drops in prices on Windows 8 devices such notebooks. The latest Intel Atom Bay Trail processors could allow Windows 8 touch based devices to sink as low as $200 per device – an incredibly impressive feat. Traditionally that kind of price point has only been occupied by ARM powered Android tablets and really low-spec netbooks.

Intel’s Bay Trail is being dubbed the most powerful Atom processor ever, as you’d expect from the latest generation hardware. It brings an entirely redesigned architecture and shrunk manufacturing process of 22nm, compared to 32nm. If Intel can bring these Bay Trail chips to market in a very cost effective way then we could see Windows 8 devices recover because currently what is holding a lot of people back is the high price.

“If you look at touch-enabled Intel-based notebooks that are ultra-thin using [Bay Trail] processors. Those prices are going to be down to as low as $200… Bay Trail is going to be a great product in that segment of the market and enable stunning performance relative to what the competition can bring.”

What are your thoughts on potentially being able to pick up some Windows 8 devices for as low as $200? Might it encourage you to finally buy a Windows 8 device?

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