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Cooler Master Masterkeys S Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts


The Cooler Master Masterkeys S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features an MSRP of just $80. That’s a pretty good price given the general range of features and build quality. It’s also about $10 cheaper than the larger Masterkeys L PBT  keyboard, which is pretty much the same as this, but with a full-size design and number pad.


Cooler Master has done it again! Every time they promise to deliver a high-performance, high-quality product, they never disappoint. This one may not differ greatly from most things on the market, but it has a few nice features that certainly give it an edge.

PBT and More

The main focus of this keyboard is the premium-grade PBT keycaps. They’re not something that’s apparent to anyone looking at the keyboard, but they make a big impact on the feel of the keyboard. The thicker design doesn’t make them feel any different to normal PBT keycaps. However, it does add a little weight, that makes them easier to depress, if only by a little. The thicker design also means they’re stronger than the sometimes brittle PBT caps on the market, so they should last a lot longer too.

No Lights?

You’ll notice there are no LED lighting aspects of this keyboard. Of course, I think a lot of that has to do with the thicker key cap design. However, I think it’s nice to see that not every keyboard on the market is backlit. I love my LEDs, but it’s great to have a choice and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t care for aesthetic perks over raw performance.


There’s no doubt this keyboard has the chops for competitive gaming. The Cherry MX switches are flawless, and you really know what you’re going to get here. With Brown, Blue, Red, and Green variants on offer, you’ll easily find the best one to suit your style. Add to this, adjustable repeat rate, on-the-fly macros, and multimedia controls, and you’re well taken care of here.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact design and slim bezel
  • Cherry MX switches (including the rare MX Green)
  • Thicker PBT key caps
  • Fairly priced
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Onboard controls for all features


  • None


  • No RGB lighting

“The Masterkeys S from Cooler Master is a rock-solid performance. You can place it in the office, or with your gaming rig, and it’ll feel right at home at either! Highly recommended”

Cooler Master Masterkeys S Mechanical Keyboard Review

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