Max Payne to slow-mo dive onto mobile devices soon

/ 6 years ago

The bullet-time, slow-mo-dodging, painkiller-addicted, looks-like-i’ve-just-done-a-crap-in-my-pants-faced Max Payne is headed to mobile devices. Rockstar have let slip that they have plans to release the original, and awesome, Max Payne games to “mobile devices”, such as iOS- and Android-powered devices.

Rockstar aren’t new to bringing critically-acclaimed games to mobile devices, it was only last year that they released the iOS version of their very popular Grand Theft Auto III. How long until Max Payne hits mobile devices? “Very soon”, if the Q&A response from Rockstar is of any indication.

We should expect an official statement confirming more details, and the release date in the coming weeks.

Source: Rockstar.

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