Maxis Considering Offline Mode But Not Larger Maps For SimCity, Too Little Too Late?

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In a blog post the Maxis General Manager Patrick Buechner has stated that the team at Maxis are still considering some of the “larger asks” that fans have been asking for such as implementing an offline mode or creating larger city maps. Of course since SimCity’s release the game has been criticised heavily for a variety of problems, but two of those bigger problems that keep coming up are the lack of an offline mode and the relatively small maps.

With regards to an offline mode Maxis’ General Manager stated that “Right now we have a team specifically focused on exploring the possibility of an offline mode… I can’t make any promises”. Maxis say that they would like to give players the opportunity to choose whether they want to connect or not. They also believe an offline mode would be beneficial for the modding community as they can experiment more.

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Offering bigger city maps is something Maxis have acknowledged as “a constant point of conversation among our players” since its release. Yet Maxis claim that after “months of investigation”  they will not be providing bigger city sizes because of “system performance challenges.” Maxis claim that closing off the bigger city maps avenue allows them to put more time into improving the overall game’s performance and exploring the offline mode further.

You can read the full update about the latest SimCity developments by Maxis here. Do you think it is too little, too late for SimCity? Or are Maxis doing a good job in meeting the demands of SimCity owners?

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One Response to “Maxis Considering Offline Mode But Not Larger Maps For SimCity, Too Little Too Late?”
  1. Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

    Knowing EA they will fuck up even offline mode, instead of putting one like how SimCity 4 had (a single big map, some regions to build cities and then inter-connect them), they will most surely put just something like “you can play by yourself (no pun intended) but you still need to login to be sure you aren’t a pirate”. Just watch it happen.

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