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May 2020 – Hardware Buying Guide!

A new month is upon us and the chances are that we’re still going to be told to stay at home while the world tries to come to grips with the COVID-19 situation. This self-isolation jazz does, however, have some perks. For example, I’ve already been making a few chops and changes with my PC, and, as such, if you too fancy an upgrade, then perhaps you’re in the mood for a few helpful nudges in the right direction!

The question is though, are there any bargains to be had? Well, of course, the term bargain is suggestive, but there are definitely deals out there! Let’s, therefore, check out some of our picks for this month’s hardware buying guide!

PC Hardware Deals

Please note, that if we have reviewed a product that we list, we will also include the review. However, not all items featured in our buying guides will be products we have reviewed, but we’ll do our best to ensure we only link to products that we would confidently purchase ourselves too.

CPU Of The Month

If you’re in the market for a new processor, then at the risk of irking those Intel fans among you, it’s honestly hard to look past AMD Ryzen. Of their latest 3rd-generation range, however, the 3600 is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. Put simply, we think that this is one of the best (overall) processors around at the moment!

£155.52 / 2.39

A New Motherboard

Until AMD’s B550 platform arrives if you are planning on making the move to their 3rd-generation releases you are restricted to their X570 designs in terms of ‘modern’ tech. While older B350/B450 etc. motherboards also support Ryzen 3rd-gen, put simply, it’s never usually ideal to be utilizing old motherboards on new processors.

While the X570 platform has largely remained stubbornly expensive, however, this model from MSI certainly seems to be one of the most competitively priced we’ve seen so far!

£145 / 9.99

Glorious GPU Deals

The Nvidia Super range of graphics cards is arguably some of the best around at the moment. Yes, they can be notably more expensive than their AMD counterparts (and we use that word loosely), but anything from the 20XX ‘Super’ range is a very solid investment offering performance notably higher than the standard version.

£499.99 / 9.99

Monitor Madness

In terms of overall designs, this monitor from Acer isn’t exactly the most technologically impressive. For the price, however, it comes with a lot of nice features. A 24″ screen, 1080p display, support for AMD FreeSync and a more than acceptable 75Hz refresh rate.

Better still, at this price this is an absolute steal. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a buying guide if it wasn’t, right?. There is, however, a caveat. Sorry to our friends over in America, but you don’t seem to have this one available at the time of writing!



There can be quite a significant difference between a generic router and one that’s been specifically designed for performance. As such, if you are looking for something potentially offering much better network speed and oomph, this is a great deal from Netgear on their Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500.

£210.54 / 9.99

New Headset

Turtle Beach is undoubtedly one of the best budget-focussed gaming headset manufacturers around, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they release crap. They’re cheap, but they’re bloody good and the Recon 70N will be the perfect choice for many gamers!

£29.99 / .75

Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is one of the best selling gaming mouses around and for good reason. With the recent launch of their V2 revision, the good just got great, and, at this price, it’s seriously a hard option to ignore if you are in the market for something new or better!

£63.97 / .99

Cases and Beyond

We have a lot of love for Thermaltake products here at eTeknix with them offering excellent levels of performance and functionality for an excellent price tag. While RGB isn’t for all, the View 37 chassis is an excellent option for those looking for a sleek design with high-levels of performance!

£99.98 / 9.99

Buying Guide – What Do You Want to See?

Don’t let us tell you what you need to buy, that would be silly. It’s a big internet out there, and we’re sure you’ve all spotted some amazing deals too. Link them in the comments, or hit up our social media buttons below and send us your deals. We’ll update them into these articles as best we can.

Please note that this article does contain some affiliate links and may also include retail links to our partners. However, we’re not above including other great deals you send us, so keep in touch! Deals are based on the UK price, but we will include US prices also if they’re available.

Mike Sanders

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