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Mayhems Announce ‘Cheapest Coolant on the Market’

For those of you with custom loop cooling solutions, you’ll be well aware that Mayhems Solutions is one of the best providers of coolant around! If you’re not aware of them, then perhaps its time that you were!

Following a recent announcement, Mayhems Solution has confirmed that if you’re looking for top-notch liquid at low, low prices, then they might just have the perfect solution for you!

Mayhems Solutions Announce ‘Cheapest Coolant on the Market’

Posting on their social media account, the manager of Mayhems Solutions has confirmed that the company is set to launch what they believe to be the ‘cheapest coolant on the market’. Just because it’s cheap though, it doesn’t mean it’s bad! Quite the contrary in fact!

“Due to high requests from companies we’ve started making cheaper Ultra Pure H20 and Premixed XT-1 Nuke. It will be the cheapest coolant on the market. (bottles cheaper and labels smaller to help cut the costs down.) . As explained when I bought the machinery we will pass the savings back onto the consumer. Im starting with just mass produced Basic colours in bulk such as Clear, Red, Blue and Green.

We will be hitting rrp from £4.50 to £5 per bottle depending on mix ratios. We will be first selling through our own store to gauge sales and work from there. If it sells well and we can bulk produce the price will drop even further.”

What Do We Think?

Mayhems definitely provides the market with some of the best coolants around and, if you’re looking for some for your custom-loop system, we’d heartily recommend their products! Given that this is being made available for an amazingly low price, however, if you are just considering setting up your custom loop or maybe applying some modifications, this is well worth checking out!

For more information about Mayhems and their cooling products, you can check out their official website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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