McAfee seeking asylum in Guatemala

/ 5 years ago

U.S. Antivirus company owner John McAfee who is on the run from Belize Police, crossed into Guatemala and seeking political asylum couple of days ago. Its been 3 weeks since he’s been hiding from the police as he’s been suspected in a murder case.

McAfee and his girlfriend crossed the border that Belize and Guatemala share. McAfee told Reuters via phone that the reason why he went to that country is because his girlfriend’s uncle is the former attorney general and he would be assisting them with legal proceedings. McAfee still denies that he committed and said that he would not turn himself in because he fears that the police will kill him.

There was already a case against McAfee in Belize for possession of illegal firearms and his house was raided on suspicion of making illegal synthetic narcotics, however McAfee denies these charges and says that he has been persecuted for refusing to donate money to politicians.

Guatemala’s foreign minister also said that he can go to United States if he wants to. There’s  no extradition treaty between Guatemala and Belize.
Source: Chicago Tribune

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