McAfee warns about major fraud attacks to 20 U.S. banks

/ 5 years ago

Security firm McAfee Labs warned that 30 U.S. banks would be attacked by hackers during the new year which could lead to a loss of Millions of dollars.

McAfee believes that hackers have a new software called “Project Blitzkreg” which has already been used since 2008 to steal $5 Million. The software is designed to use the protocols that banks use to protect against attacks, intercepting tracking emails that flag suspicious activity and mimic genuine online transfers of funds.

As of now, the Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase suffered DDOS (Distributed denial of Service) during September, but the attacks with Project Blitzkreg are most likely going to see the biggest hack in the U.S. Banking business. American Bankers however said that financial institutions are aware of these threats and would rely on information from the public and private sectors so that they can be prepared to fight such attacks.

Source: Washington Post 

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