McDonalds Considers Deploying In-Store 3D Printing For Happy Meal Toys

/ 4 years ago


3D printing has yet to find its groove, it may be popular, but the technology is still a little less refined that you would be led to believe. There is still a lot of work to be done re-tooling your models and certainly a bit of trial and error for some things too.

What the technology needs is a huge player in the industry, someone with near unlimited funds to find a way of making it capable of mass production and making it fast. Who better for such as task than fast food restaurant McDonalds.

Mark Fabes, the UK IT Director for the chain said that he has thought about the idea of having 3D printers in store that could print the happy meal toys on site. This would save a lot of money with transporting the goods and of course paying an external manufacture, it could even cut down on waste.

Of course the technology is quite up to that pace just yet, but Fabes may be onto something here and who knows what changes will happen with 3D printing technology in the next few years.

Thank you The Register for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “McDonalds Considers Deploying In-Store 3D Printing For Happy Meal Toys”
  1. Jim Drettas says:

    they could also start making their food there since they are all plastic

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