McLaren To Use Force Field Sound Waves To Replace Windshield Wipers

/ 4 years ago

34401_04_mclaren_to_use_force_field_of_sound_waves_replaces_windshield_wipersMcLaren to go next-gen with its windshield wipers, will replace them with a force field of sound waves

McLaren’s Chief Designer, Frank Stephenson, has teased that a new system will be placed in McLaren’s new vehicles which will replace the ageing windshield wipers with some next-gen wipers. The new wipers will use ultrasound to send 30kHz waves across the vehicles windshield, which would keep in clear from any debris, even those tiny annoying insect remains that build up windshield, even after you have used the wipers over and over again. The way it works is by creating a force field that stops rain, snow and insects from even touching the windshield itself.

If McLaren can get this technology working as it has said, I’m sure we will see most other car makers using Mclaren’s patent and rolling the technology out across the world starting ASAP. The days of scratched windshields due to old wipers and water running through your side windows when trying to remove bug debris could be over and a thing of the past.

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One Response to “McLaren To Use Force Field Sound Waves To Replace Windshield Wipers”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    If they can get this to work and be become a widespread adoption at a reasonable price it would be great.

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