Medal of Honor 2 to be announced at GDC

/ 6 years ago

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, EA’s all but confirmed it’s to unveil the next Medal of Honor game at a US press event next month.

Kotaku is one such outlet to receive an invite to the unveiling, which is due to happen at exactly 20:00 PST on Tuesday, March 6. That’s GDC week, chaps.Of course anyone who purchased Battlefield 3 last year – or indeed finished the last Medal of Honor – won’t be surprised to hear it’s being granted a follow-up.

An insert featuring Medal of Honor 2 artwork was included with retail copies of EA’s other triple-A FPS, featuring little more than a picture and a BBFC logo.

Medal of Honor developer Danger Close Games was also seen to be openly hiring developers for an “unannounced AAA first person shooter title” back in January 2011.

To wrap it all up in a nice package, yesterday PSM3 magazine started teasing a “mystery shooter sequel” for its next issue.

Put March 6 in your diary.

Source: CVG

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