Meet The Quad-copter Made Entirely From Chocolate!

/ 3 years ago


Meet Chocodrone, the worlds first quad-copter made entirely from chocolate! This popped up on YouTube at the beginning of June, out of nowhere and has now caught the attention of quite a few people!

The recipe is simple enough, you need chocolate, chocolate and lastly, some more chocolate. In total the Chocodrone is made up of over 1Kg of the stuff!

The amazing thing is that it actually flys! Don’t be fooled, as yummy as it looks this thing can actually get some decent height on it, thanks to its 4 SunnySky motors.

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Check out the video to see the Chocodrone in action.


Sadly I can’t see this becoming the model that Amazon use for their drone delivery system, but nonetheless this video has shown people what you can do with something as simple as chocolate.

Maybe we’ll see more breakthroughs in aviation craftsmanship, Anyone else want to see a chocolate 747?

Thanks to Engadget for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Engadget.

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  1. David V. says:

    Entirely ….. I do not think this word means what you think it means.

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