Meet Wakie: Get Woken Up By Strangers

/ 3 years ago

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An app has been released this week on iOS that allows you to wake up strangers or for you to be woken up by them.

Wakie, which was previously released on Android and Windows Phone, made its PR debut this week following its release on the iPhone and iPad. The app is pretty simple really – it’s an alarm clock, but the alarm is replaced by random strangers.

If you choose to be a ‘Sleepyhead’ and get woken up, a stranger from anywhere in the world will initiate a VOIP call to your device to wake you up. That call lasts 1 minute and you then get the chance to communicate via a forum in the app following your call.

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If you’re a ‘Wakie’, the process is just the opposite. You get to wake a randomly chosen stranger. Think of it like Tinder for sleep. or waking from sleep rather.

Wake is currently free, but in an interview with TechCrunch, the developers say that they’re working on a special paid-for version that will allow you to extend calls for 5 minutes and choose the gender of those you’re communicating with.

Source: TechCrunch

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2 Responses to “Meet Wakie: Get Woken Up By Strangers”
  1. I should try this one day

  2. Wayne says:

    I guess it’s a better alternative to waking up next to a total stranger with a bad hangover.

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