‘MegaTrash’ 50 million users to have their data binned

/ 6 years ago

According to RT News the data of over 50 million Megaupload users will be deleted as early as Thursday should the Federal investigators leading the case get their wishes. Currently, the site is blocked and no one can access it on the public internet.

A Friday letter from prosecutors gives data-storage companies Carpathia Hosting Inc. and Cogent Communications Group Inc. the go-ahead to begin destroying user files on Thursday, though neither company has commented on the process.

Megaupload attorney Ira Rothken claims they are trying to save the massive data-trail from deletion and that the US government has frozen company funds.

In addition to that seven people have already been arrested in connection with the Megaupload piracy bonanza. Its owner and founder Kim Schmitz is also awaiting extradition to the USA from New Zealand on massive copy right charges. It has also been reported that all his ‘partners-in-crime’ have been arrested too and this whole case looks set to throw a lot of people in jail.

Source: RT


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