Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom: granted bail but banned from the Internet

/ 6 years ago

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom was granted bail on Wednesday morning, New Zealand time, after the judge hearing his application ruled that he has no access to funds to flee New Zealand. Dotcom’s bail conditions are quite strict: he must reside at his Coatesville-based mansion in Auckland, he cannot travel more than 80 kilometres, or 50 miles, from his mansion, on which no helicopters are allowed.

Lawyers on behalf of the US government of course opposed the bail application, claiming that Dotcom has access to financial resources that could make him a “flight risk”. But, Justice Dawson replied that the time had passed, where authorities have not been able to prove that Dotcom has further hidden assets, and that the “mere suspicion” that he is very wealthy is not enough to be used against him.

Justice Dawson ruled that Dotcom has “every reason to stay to be with his family and fight to keep his assets”.  Lawyers acting on behalf of the US government wanted to ban Dotcom from using the Internet, with Dotcom’s lawyer responding that it wouldn’t be “realistic”, saying that Dotcom requires the Internet to discuss his case to his legal team which is based in the US. But, Justice Dawson sided with the US government on that one, and has banned Dotcom from the Internet saying he has “the ability to use it for wrong purposes”.

Source: Ars Technica.

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