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Metal Gear Solid UE4 Fan Remake is in the Works – Video

It seems increasingly unlikely that Konami will ever decide to give its original Metal Gear Solid release the ‘remake’ treatment. Then again, unless rumors of imminent announcements are proven to be true, they don’t exactly seem that keen on making anything at all beyond gambling arcade machines. As such, it’s hardly surprising that over the years we’ve seen more than a few fan projects attempt to take various projects on instead.

Following a video showcased on the “Bluedrake42” YouTube channel, however, it seems that one (that has to date been under the radar) may be on the way. And based on what we can see here, it looks pretty amazing!

Metal Gear Solid UE4 Fan Remake

It should be noted that the video is only relatively brief, but it does show the Snake VS Metal Gear boss fight in action and, just in case it needed to be said, it looks absolutely amazing. So, who is creating this Metal Gear Solid remake? Well, the person/s have, at this point, rather sensibly decided to keep their anonymity.

It is, after all, much harder for Konami’s lawyers to give someone a cease and desist if they don’t know where to send it!

What Can We Expect?

It is understood that this fan remake is only going to recreate the boss fights rather than the game as a whole. So, on the bad news, it’s not a total-remake. On the good news, it may be set for release in the very near future!

If this one video is any indication of what we can expect, however, then I’m thoroughly looking forward to the day this is released into the wild!

What do you think? Are you impressed with this fan remake? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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