Meteorite explodes over Russia, epic light show ensues.

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Earlier today a meteorite exploded over the Russian skyline, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and Sverdlovsk and Northern Kazakhstan seem to be the main focus where it has caused wide spread panic in the country for reasons that are made clear by the video below.

The meteorite exploded high above the ground, but not before putting on one epic light show that illuminated the sky, leaving a massive trail in its wake and causing some minor damage to building in the area.

While its hard to get confirmation on injuries at this time its said that up to 250 may have been injured by broken glass thrown from office blocks as a blast wave struck buildings in Russia. As with most things though these details will emerge in better detail over time, but it is believed no one has been killed or seriously injured.

In an even more incredible, but even more unbelievable report, Russian airforce is said to have fired a missile at the meteor as it entered their air space, blowing the meteorite to pieces. This is hard to believe since there is ample video evidence to say other wise and its likely that they would have had to time to react or react accurately within that time.

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The Russian Emergency Ministry has deployed around 20,000 people and are using planes to look for any impact sites. This could just be a case of something awesome has happened, they all wanted to go take a look.

This comes just hours before asteroid 2012 DA14 passes near earth and has sparked fears that the larger asteroid will in fact hit Earth, this is not the case and it seems that the Russia meteorite was just a coincidence. European Space Agency “confirm there is no link between meteor incidents in Russia and Asteroid 2012DA14 flyby today”.



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3 Responses to “Meteorite explodes over Russia, epic light show ensues.”
  1. Wayne says:

    At least it wasn’t as destructive as the meteoroid that exploded about 5 km above Tunguska, Russia in 1908, devastating everything within a 100 km radius.

  2. Greg0986 says:

    Some of the videos that have been uploaded are amazing! Some are so good that they could be put into blockbusters and people would think they are CGI

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