Metro Last Light System Requirements Revealed

/ 5 years ago


Deep Silver has recently unveiled the full system requirements for the new Metro game. Metro Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033, is a post-apocalyptic shooter based on the sci-fi novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Nvidia is currently bundling this game with all GTX 660 (or higher) purchases for the foreseeable future.

Metro Last Light certainly promises to be both a gripping game in terms of the storyline, if Metro 2033’s gripping and scary gameplay was anything to go by. The graphics are sure to be equally as demanding as Metro 2033 was renowned for being a Crysis-style gaming benchmark that really stressed systems to their very limit. No doubt Metro Last Light will be very similar given the system requirements:


CPU – 2.2GHz Dual Core


GPU – GTS 250 or higher (or AMD equivalent – 4870)


CPU – 2.6GHz Quad Core


GPU –  GTX 580/660Ti or higher (or AMD equivalent – 7870)


CPU – 3.4GHz Multi-Core

RAM –  8GB

GPU – GTX 690 or Nvidia Titan (or AMD equivalent – HD 7990)

Metro Last Light is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 14th 2013 in North America and May 17th in Europe.

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If you’re wanting any more information about the game then be sure to visit the official website.

What do you think about these system requirements? To me they seem pretty high given the game will be capable of running on current-generation consoles.



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5 Responses to “Metro Last Light System Requirements Revealed”
  1. Stefan Oprisan says:

    Now these are some decent requirements

  2. Oscar Reid says:

    Damn those or some high requirments

  3. Ryan Airth says:

    If this is a precursor for the requirements of games to come, I bloody can’t wait for the next generation of GPUs to come out :/
    Can’t wait for this game though 😀

  4. marty1408 says:

    Pretty high for recommended and Optimum. Cuts out a lot of users, especially in the graphics dept.

  5. JMHJ says:

    Dont think I’ve ever seen a game that recommends the absolute top graphic cards for their optimum setting lol 😛 But i guess its cool that having a top graphics card actully means being able to play games at a higher setting. So far i’ve always felt if you have a 3rd-4th ranking card you can run anything on max settings.

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