Mexico signs up to ACTA

/ 6 years ago

Mexico’s ambassador in Japan has signed the highly controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement a.k.a ACTA despite the fact Mexico’s senate had already voted against the implementation of ACTA in Mexico.

The agreement must be ratified by the country’s Senate in order for it to become law in Mexico, which could be a problem given the opposition it faces in the senate. One official, PRD Senator Carlos Sotelo, used his Twitter account to say

“The Senate should reject [the] ratification in light of the resolution adopted unanimously in December 2011.”

Last year (December 2011) the senate unanimously adopted a resolution to reject ACTA because it violates Mexico’s national constitution. The decision of the Mexican ambassador to sign the agreement has been criticised globally, the latest anti-ACTA sentiment is being felt on Twitter where disdain over ACTA is trending.

Not that long ago the European parliament comprehensively shot down the ACTA agreement with a vast majority. It is no secret that anti-ACTA activists world wide violently oppose the agreement because it threatens freedom, liberty and the internet’s ability to assist with economic innovations.

The only real benefits of ACTA belong to the short sighted and very often greedy media corporations mainly situated in the USA, lets hope the Mexican senate doesn’t fold under pressure from the USA.


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