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MGSV Nuclear Disarmament Cutscene is Legitimately Achieved!

Metal Gear Solid V is around 5 years old now, but shortly after its launch, it was quickly discovered that the Konami had added a hidden cutscene that was only to be played when all online multiplayer users (depending on the console/version) had disarmed every one of their nuclear missiles. A cutscene that, incidentally, accidentally got unlocked in the game back in 2018 (rather coincidentally, right at the time I was playing it). We should make it clear though, until now, all versions of the game still had users with nuclear weapons!

Well, in a report via Eurogamer, it may have taken 5 years, but it seems that for at least one version of MGSV, the cutscene has now officially been unlocked and achieved!

MGSV Nuclear Disarmament Achieved – On PS3!

With the achievement being made on the PS3 release of the game, at the time of writing, it’s not exactly clear how this has been done. One would, however, presume that some of the (presumably relatively few) active users of the PS3’s version banded together in order to take down other players bases which held nuclear weapons.

It has, however, been fully confirmed that the MGSV multiplayer on the PS3 is now 100% free of nuclear armaments!

What Do We Think?

When Konami originally announced the challenge (back in November 2015), nobody really thought it would ever be achieved. Why? Well, for those of you unaware of how the online aspect of it worked, having the missiles made your base much less susceptible to attack from other players. In Rust terms, it was the difference between a wooden and a sheet metal door.

Still, despite the cutscene accidentally going out early, it seems that PS3 players can rejoice that they’re the only platform (so far) to have legitimately made this achievement!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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