Michael J. Fox is Back as Marty Mcfly in Lego Dimensions!

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Michael J. Fox is a science-fiction icon and gained notoriety in the cult classic film series Back to the Future. While accident-prone, Marty Mcfly is quite adept with a guitar and loves to show off his skateboarding skills. If that hasn’t convinced you to watch the trilogy, I’m not sure what could!

After all these years, Michael J. Fox is reprising the role of Marty Mcfly in the upcoming video game, LEGO Dimensions. Even better, Christopher Lloyd is also returning as Doc Brown. This is certainly going to a wonderful reunion and tingle the nostalgic memories of Back to the Future.

LEGO Dimensions is an amalgamation of many classic shows and features a number of beloved characters. As you might expect, it doesn’t really deviate from the traditional gameplay but should provide a bundle of laughs. Personally, I’m overjoyed to see a mini-reunion of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. This is honestly the best way for a reunion without applying too much pressure and having super-high expectations.

Back to the Future has such a loyal following, so it will be interesting to see the reaction from fans when the game is unveiled. Speaking of the release, LEGO Dimensions will hit the shelves tomorrow in the US and on the 29th in Europe.

What is your favourite moment from Back to the Future?

Thank you USA Today for providing us with this information.

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