Microsoft Actually Writes Windows 10 Release Notes But Won’t Release Them

/ 2 years ago

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has a large number of controversial choices. One of the biggest ones, of course, is with the new telemetry Microsoft added that is raising a number of privacy concerns. Another major gripe users had been with the removal of patch notes. We’re learning now that Microsoft is, in fact, writing some release notes for Windows. Unfortunately for us, they still aren’t sharing them with users.

With the loss of patch notes, users had no idea what the Windows Update releases were actually doing. This meant that users wouldn’t know if their bug was addressed or if the source of their issues stemmed from the patch without doing expensive testing. Right now the only time patch notes are released with a Windows Update is when they are fixing critical security flaws. The loss of patch notes likely came as a by-product of Windows moving towards software as a service. Combined with the firing of some technical writers who usually put out the release notes, Microsoft has little incentive to put out the details.

While many users of Windows 10 won’t care too much about patch notes, just as iOS and Android users might not, Windows is different. Being the widely dominant desktop OS, many users are obliged to use it and of those, many are professional or enterprise users who are used to having patch notes. While Microsoft moves Windows to cater to the more casual and consumer, it risks alienating the loyal base that chose to use Windows, and not just because it came with the PC.

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