Microsoft aiming for one new Kinect XBLA title a month

/ 7 years ago

According to Xbox Lives product manager Robin Burrowes Microsoft is planning of increasing its Xbox Live Arcade releases with Kinect support at a frequency of about one per month. In an interview with Burrowes he told CVG:
“Obviously we have Xbox Live Arcade exclusives running through the Summer of Arcade programme, but yes, you can expect far more exclusives coming to the platform in future.”

He went on to explain how he cannot give the names of the games that are to be released but that they will ‘announce them in due course’. Burrowes said that as they improve Kinect, we can expect to see a number of new titles dedicated to the device.

“Talking more specifically, expect to see more from us – as Microsoft studios – as we leverage the power of Kinect; expect to see a number of Kinect Arcade titles coming. We’re targeting a frequency of about one a month from the Xbox Live Arcade portfolio that will have Kinect integration. That will really be powerful and differentiate the platform.”

Burrowes reassures the more traditional gamers by explain that they will continue to ‘create the traditional, core games’ and in particular sequels of current XBLA games.

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